Potty Charts

Potty Charts is a beautiful app designed to assist parents with their child's toilet training. It is just like your traditional paper potty chart. Each time your child is successful, place an icon on the chart to reward him/her.

There are ten cute icons to choose from. When an icon is placed on the chart a sound effect is played. You can also change the background and select from one of the six gorgeous textures. Once an entire row has been filled with icons a colorful star animation effect is displayed.

The "title" of the chart is completely configurable. Simply tap the "title" area and enter a new title. Also all five row labels are completely configurable. This allows parents to enter their own customized goals for their child. Simply tap and enter a new goal.

No more pasting stickers on the wall. With Potty Charts you can help motivate your child to improve anytime anywhere. Make the toilet training process fun for you and your child with Potty Charts!

Available for the Apple iPad in the App Store

Potty Star

Potty Star allows parents to keep a record of their child's toilet training in a simple, clean and easy to read chart.

The Potty Star table displays the weekdays horizontally and the hours vertically. You can place the appropriate icon on the table when your child is successful or unsuccessful. When an icon is placed on the chart, a sound is played helping motivate your child to improve.

Potty Star allows you to save one weeks worth of your child's potty history. After one week you can save the entire table to your iPad "Photos" application and then clear the table to start over.

Through the iPad "Photos" album application you can scroll through your saved screen captures to see the patterns of improvement in your child's potty behavior over time. The iPad "Photos" application also has the capability to email the screen captures if you choose.

Also has a potty alarm feature so you can be reminded when to take your child to the potty.

Suggested Icon Usage
  • Yellow Smiley Face - Successful Pee
  • Brown Smiley Face - Successful Poop
  • Blue Sad Face/Rain Cloud - Unsucessful (leaked)
  • Star - Made an Effort (ie sits on toilet)
  • Sunshine - Wakeup Time
  • Moon - Sleep Time
Other icons are available, so please choose which icons represent which actions as you wish.

Keep track of your child's potty anytime, anywhere and help your child become a Potty Star today!

Multi-language support:
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Available for the Apple iPad in the App Store

For questions or support, please email contact@bigredapps.com